Our primary goal is to improve the overall quality of your life through hormone balance, nutritional support, supplementation, personalized training, spa services, and age management therapies. Our highly trained team includes a medical doctor, registered dietician, and certified personal trainer to help men and women of all ages achieve optimal health.

Our comprehensive one-stop shop uses a combination of bioidentical hormone therapy, customized nutrition, personalized fitness regimens, stress reduction therapies, and pharmaceutical-grade supplements to bring you better well-being through science.

Restoring Vitality means each program is customized to the individual to meet your personal wellness goals in an encouraging and convenient environment. Your results won’t be “normal” or “in a range”—the levels we measure are based upon your optimal levels. Our team of expert health professionals will customize a treatment program to target your personal health needs.

And we don’t call it “personal training.” At Xuberance, it’s “personalized training,” as our fitness experts develop a program that is right for your health needs, lifestyle, and physical activity level for optimal weight management. And here, you’ll never get workout fatigue and repeat the same routine. We listen to you about how you’re feeling, work together to balance your hormones and get you back to feeling like the best version of yourself.