Strength and Resolution

By: Donna Tagliaferri  
This blog is an excerpt originally posted on My Life from the Bleachers.

It’s a new year, and although I am not big on resolutions (usually broken by January 16th accompanied by a feeling of failure), I am a big fan of starting over, a new day, a new way of thinking, forgetting the past…

You can do anything we set our mind to…but you must believe you can do it. Until now I have not believed I can lose weight. I have been negligent in my health for so long that it is taking me a bit of time to dig out of this hole. But after proving to myself I can exercise, lift heavy weights and bring down all my numbers, I now realize I can also lose weight. I do believe I can do it.

I can do this…watch me.

I am amazed at the changes so many of my friends have made at Xuberance: they are thinner, stronger, and much healthier. A dear friend that we do a Christmas party for every year told me how intrigued she is with what I am doing. Although she is very thin, she admitted she isn’t very strong and wants to be stronger. I hope she comes down to Xuberance (702-750-9420) to meet the amazing people there–people who want to help, guide, encourage, and teach everyone who comes in.

I know how hard it is to get started, so let someone else do the hard work of figuring out what is best for you. It is an experience that is worth every effort to get there.

Happy New Year, my wish for you is you achieve everything you want. Believe it!!!