By: Donna Tagliaferri  
This blog was originally posted on My Life from the Bleachers.

The other day I was bringing some things into a building through a really heavy door, I mean really heavy. I saw a huge rock just a few feet away from the door, and it looked as though it had been used as a solution for my very problem previously. I went over and picked up the rock and propped open the door; it was heavy, but I handled it. Done.

Then this woman walked up to me and said, “I saw what you did.” Boy, did my mind go to a million different places…what did she see me do? I didn’t offer a confession and let her finish…”I saw you pick up that rock and move it. You really are strong; I never could have done that.”

All of a sudden I realized what she was saying. The kettlebell, the squats, the heavy rope (and the heavier rope), that darn heavy ball were all making a difference. I am stronger and moved that rock, all by myself. I didn’t think about it; I picked it up and moved it. I could not have done that 6 months ago, and now I am out there in the world moving big heavy rocks!

I am amazing!!

There are a lot of aspects to getting in shape, but one of the most rewarding has to be getting stronger.

I can do 60 squats in one round of the circuit…and I can add the kettlebell to it. I hold a 20-pound kettlebell and do squats…or as my trainer says sumo deadlift high pull. That’s right…I am doing a sumo deadlift high pull (take that #ageisjustanumber) without even blinking.

I have not hurt myself; my bad knee is better; my mind is clearer; I am not as depressed in the morning; I am not sore…

I am stronger.

All my numbers are where they should be.

The psychological lift from exercise is I look at hard things in my life and think, well it’s not a Sumo deadlift high pull I have to do 60 times. I can do that.

There was a time that walking from my bedroom to the kitchen was a job of epic proportions; now I hope on the rower and head for the shore…

Hold a plank, lift those weights, do some pushups, hit the heavy ropes…..and by the way, no one cares that you are in your 60s.

Want to stave off joint issues? Get stronger.

Want to have less depression? Get stronger.

Want to walk faster? Sleep better? Have better balance? Get stronger.

Walking is great but add some weights…not just every once in a while…do it regularly. Get stronger…

Want to stay out of the nursing home?

Do squats…the number one reason people have to go to a nursing home is that they cannot get off the toilet. Squats will keep you out of the nursing home.

Get stronger!!