This article originally appeared in Las Vegas IS Luxury. Spring 2019.

What age do you want to feel? How old were you when you felt the healthiest? If you’re like many people, you might recall days when you had boundless amounts of energy and made positive decisions about your well-being. Those days are not over for the clients of Xuberance Las Vegas. With the goal of Restoring Vitality™, the team at this comprehensive wellness center works with members to achieve their medical, nutritional, and fitness goals.

Owners Gene and Lisa Carrejo brought this whole-person concept to the Summerlin area after Gene went through a similar transformation himself. “We were living in Texas,” Gene says, “and I found a place that offered a comprehensive solution to meet my health and fitness goals.” Carrejo was so thrilled by his results that when his family moved to Nevada and couldn’t find a similar business, he and his wife decided to create one.

Xuberance has a simple mission: to improve the overall quality of their clients’ general health through hormone balance, nutritional support, personalized training, and spa services. The Carrejos brought together a team of experts entirely focused on helping guests restore their vitality: the medical team starts the process with multiple tests to baseline the health of a client. Once the tests are conclusive, the team and a registered dietician create a bespoke program focused on the individual’s needs.

“We like to say we’re more than a gym,” shares Lisa, “even though the personalized training is a major draw for our clients.” And the workout facility is impressive, as guests of all ages work out with gifted trainers who create one-of-a-kind programs. After a high-energy workout, clients can relax with spa services, including massages, cryotherapy, and facials. “Our comprehensive program delivers better well-being by science,” shares Lisa. “We are passionate about helping clients of all ages reach their wellness goals.”