Restoring Vitality

By: Gene Carrejo

We have been in business close to 18 months in the beautiful city of Las Vegas. Xuberance has evolved into a home for people who are looking into establishing longevity and vitality to their lives as they move forward in this hectic world in which we exist. My wife Lisa and I are not only invested in the financial and operational aspect of our business but are totally involved in the actual process of adding vitality and longevity to our personal wellbeing.

Gene Carrejo

My journey to anti-aging began after the holidays last year. I have been very diligent in following the fitness protocol that Sarah (our director of personalized training) and her team have built for me. I thoroughly enjoy the creativity and thought that goes into my MWF workouts. Once I established a baseline through the formal evaluation process and realized I had plenty of room for improvement, I made a personal commitment for fitness. The sense of accomplishment in the gym is very important, but if you are not entrenched in the rest of the process, the results you are looking for will not materialize. (Jeremy, our registered dietitian is so right: food is my nemesis!)

Our doctor suggested hormone balancing to help with metabolism enhancement and energy along with mental focus. Jeremy and I have a regular dialogue on what I should be eating; also he adds a very creative twist that doesn’t become tedious. I am a sugarholic and have substituted fruit as my sugar fix. I have watched my cravings go away as I watch my energy improve. Simple fixes and a commitment to listen and implement are the keys to success.

I started the process at 209 lbs. with a 28% body fat ratio. I am now 178 lbs. and 20% body fat ration, and I added 6 lbs. of muscle. It definitely works, and the bottom line for success is a personal commitment. We need that same thing from our clients which gives us the opportunity to guide and counsel them through the process. I’m proud of what we are accomplishing and our clients are reaping the rewards with our recovery methods. Yes, massage and ozone therapy are also part of the process!