Our approach to fitness is based upon the idea of personalized training—Xuberance ultimately bases progress on scientific measurement. Unlike other fitness programs, we base success on improvements and decreases in body composition. This starts with a comprehensive evaluation process based upon more than weight, including scans that measure fat percentage and muscle mass.

Clients begin the program with an education why our scientifically-based program works. Medical and nutritional statistics are at the center of the methodology, and the high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a part of the overall program.

What makes personalized training different at Xuberance? “Every client is treated as an individual,” shares Fitness Director Sarah Rodarte. “No two people react to training the same way, and my team sincerely cares about everyone’s wellbeing. If a client’s having a bad day or experiencing a lack of sleep or energy, we tailor the exercise experience to him or her.”

Before anyone can train in our facility, one is required to complete a comprehensive fitness evaluation which consists of a DEXA scan, Vo2 RMR test, FMS, and a 1RM strength test.
• DEXA scan: provides a total body breakdown of the body’s composition based on tissue boundaries.
• Vo2 RMR test: determines the initial cardiovascular fitness level, training heart rate ranges for aerobic thresholds, and the resting metabolic rate (the amount of calories the body is burning at rest).
• Functional Movement Screening (FMS): identifies the initial understanding of form.
• 1RM strength test: **content to come shortly.

Once the evaluation process is complete, training can begin.
• Xuberance designs a bespoke fitness program for every client’s personal goals. Progression is completely customized for the individual.
• All programs are based on the HIIT principal. High-Intensity Interval Training allows for effective adaptation and variation of full-body exercises, which keeps the body from plateauing with multiple forms of resistance in sessions that last 45 minutes to an hour.
• A commitment of 3 training sessions with a trainer per week is required.
• The scheduling of all sessions is also required; availability is flexible and can be worked around a personal schedule.
• Reevaluations will be scheduled every three months to monitor progress and continue proper progression toward individual goals.