Frozen fruit

By: Jeremy Will, RD/LD
Registered Dietitian

Frozen foods often take a backseat to fresh options, especially when it comes to produce. Something about that perfectly organized and colorful produce section seems like it is the clear choice.

That is not always the case, and in some instances, it may be the opposite. Fruits and vegetables are typically harvested at their peak nutritional value then slowly degrade with time. With frozen produce, however, they are flash-frozen usually within hours of being harvested. Once frozen, they degrade at a much slower rate than fresh, preserving freshness, and most importantly, nutrients.

So, if you are ever worried that frozen fruits and vegetables aren’t as good as the fresh ones, you may want to reconsider. Throwing some frozen fruit or veggies into a blender can be an easy way to get your servings in. The one downside is once they thaw, they can become soft or soggy. Make sure to use them right out of the freezer, whether its mixing them in a stir-fry or blending them in a smoothie.