By: Gene Carrejo

We have been in business close to 18 months in the beautiful city of Las Vegas. Xuberance has evolved into a home for people who are looking into establishing longevity and vitality to their lives as they move forward in this hectic world in which we exist. My wife Lisa and I are not only invested in the financial and operational aspect of our business but are totally involved in the actual process of adding vitality and longevity to our personal wellbeing.

Gene Carrejo

My journey to anti-aging began after the holidays last year. I have been very diligent in following the fitness protocol that Sarah (our director of personalized training) and her team have built for me. I thoroughly enjoy the creativity and thought that goes into my MWF workouts. Once I established a baseline through the formal evaluation process and realized I had plenty of room for improvement, I made a personal commitment for fitness. The sense of accomplishment in the gym is very important, but if you are not entrenched in the rest of the process, the results you are looking for will not materialize. (Jeremy, our registered dietitian is so right: food is my nemesis!)

Our doctor suggested hormone balancing to help with metabolism enhancement and energy along with mental focus. Jeremy and I have a regular dialogue on what I should be eating; also he adds a very creative twist that doesn’t become tedious. I am a sugarholic and have substituted fruit as my sugar fix. I have watched my cravings go away as I watch my energy improve. Simple fixes and a commitment to listen and implement are the keys to success.

I started the process at 209 lbs. with a 28% body fat ratio. I am now 178 lbs. and 20% body fat ration, and I added 6 lbs. of muscle. It definitely works, and the bottom line for success is a personal commitment. We need that same thing from our clients which gives us the opportunity to guide and counsel them through the process. I’m proud of what we are accomplishing and our clients are reaping the rewards with our recovery methods. Yes, massage and ozone therapy are also part of the process!

By: Paul Rappaport
This blog was originally posted as a five-star recommendation on Facebook.

So… I am not one that normally writes testimonials or reviews, however, I feel this one is well deserved and necessary. My story goes like this. My wife, Michelle joined what I thought was a gym when it opened last year. She tried to get me to join, but I questioned the need versus the cost and decided that I would not do this.

I was 60 years old when I awoke one Sunday morning one late January morning feeling weak in my back, which never happens. I looked down at my legs (hamstring area) and on my own frame, I saw the flimsy sticks of my 84-year-old father, just months before he passed away. I decided then and there that I needed to do something immediately in order to stave off impending decline or perhaps in six months to a year, I would no longer be able to right this ship.

I became determined not to invite decline to commence in my early 60’s. It was time for me to take control and invest in myself for a continued strong future. I acquiesced and joined Xuberance. I took the health assessment and thus, began my path back to an active life. What I had originally expected to be a gym is truly more than a simple fitness center. It is more like an age management facility with a physical fitness side in conjunction with medical review, (overseen by a physician), individualized nutrition program and science-based enhancement for those that want to look as good as you will end up feeling.

I met the staff, which Lisa and Gene Carrejo (the owners) have assembled and was so very impressed at how wonderful this staff works, both independently of each other and as a team. They instinctively know where you are at every step along the way and can easily handle any minor setbacks you may have as you move forward in your program.

After a blood draw and a physical assessment, a blood report is returned with well over 120 individual points which the physician will review with you and suggest what might address these results (if any), along with an individualized nutrition program created by their resident registered dietician, also based on these results as well as your own anticipated goals.

The personal training staff in the fitness wing is an amazing team that is extremely user-friendly. They can push your limits without you even realizing it and they certainly know how to write great individual programs week after week as you progress. Their in-house therapists provide weekly massages as part of the program and they are marvelous. They can cater to an individual and truly work both body and soul. Here is where my story gets even better.

Not only was I at a point where a decision had to be made to change or allow deterioration to take hold, but I had a few significant physical challenges. I had a damaged right hip from a fall in 2008 and a surgically repaired ankle which completely broke and fell apart in 2005 requiring a lengthy surgery to reassemble as best as could be done.

During workout sessions, everyone made sure that the program was created to see what the ankle could take before decisions were made to begin increasing its load. The ankle strengthened to the point where I can do almost anything with it after only the first thirteen weeks. During weekly massage therapy, Celia asked me about the hip. She determined that there did not appear to be structural damage but identified many areas of soft tissue damage deeply surrounding the hip joint… and she went to work on that.

After only four sessions of very deep tissue massage (and a couple of sessions of cryotherapy to handle the reaction over the next couple of days afterward), she completely eradicated the tissue damage. The bone structure shifted back to where it was supposed to be. The trainers then programmed what needed to be strengthened.

The end result was a completely healed hip (where I really was expecting to be needing replacement) and an aligned skeletal structure. In other words, they completely fixed my hip, ankle and an old shoulder injury (a slight rotator cuff tear from fifteen years ago). I repeat… I was 60 years old at 208 pounds in February, as I entered the program. Currently, I am 61 and 187 pounds. I lost 5% of my body fat in just the first thirteen weeks with 2-3% still to go. I can now honestly say that I have never felt better or stronger in my entire life… and in my 60s.

This story’s moral is simple Everyone will eventually reach that crossroads decision in life whether to remain healthy or allow decline. We invest in so many things in our lives to advance our financial or social standing, whether it is an automobile, house or something else to show. What is the point if we are not going to be around to enjoy it for as long as we possibly can?

This unique facility and its proven program is not inexpensive, however, it is so true that you cannot take it with you. You can, however, decide to live longer, become healthier, stronger and restore vitality so that you may lead a more vibrant life with your family while enjoying those “things” for a much longer period. Better health reduces the cost of care as we age, and longevity actually makes such a program quite inexpensive after all.

It has worked for me. It can work for anyone willing to put in infuse the effort to elicit change. The choice is yours. Investing in yourself is the greatest endowment one can make. Everything else will follow.

Thank you, Lisa, Gene, Paula, Celia, Jeff, Bri, Sarah, Anthony, Josh, Jeremy, Tayler, Toni and the physicians. You have all provide the means to a much greater level of vitality and quality of “life.”

To those reading this post, the choice is yours. Ask yourself this…are you worth it? My answer was an astounding “YES.”