Nutrition is a continuum.

By: Jeremy Will, RD/LD
Registered Dietitian

If you constantly beat yourself up over your eating habits and nutrition, stop! The idea that your nutrition has to be perfect to be effective is flat-out wrong. It is not an all-or-nothing scenario. The people who are successful make the right decisions most of the time, not every time. Many of us feel that if we have been eating great for 4 days, then have a burger and a beer, that our lives are over, and we failed. Not so. The mental aspect of nutrition is the challenging part.

Stay positive and understand nutrition is a continuum, not a pass or fail.

Imagine looking back at your last 10 meals. Person one eats a bad lunch and dinner but gets back on track the following day. Another slips up at lunch but lets it run through the next couple of days. A simple way of looking at this is like a test score. Person one ate well 8/10 meals or 80% of the time. Person two let it slide multiple days and maybe ate 5/10 meals well (50%). Neither are perfect, but wouldn’t you prefer an 80% on a test over a 50%? Approach your eating habits like this.

Strive to do your best but don’t expect to be perfect, and you will certainly see a difference.